Beauty Pageant

Rules & Forms
2016 PLSR Beauty Pageant Rules
2016 PLSR Beauty Pageant Expectations
2016 PLSR Beauty Pageant Age Divisions
2016 PLSR Beauty Pageant Entry Form
2016 PLSR Beauty Pageant Hold Harmless Agreement Form
2016 PLSR Beauty Pageant How to Write Master of Ceremonies

2016 Beauty Pageant Winners

Place Name
Baby Miss Pasadena Rodeo Kailey Rae Rojas
1st Runner Up Hadlee Miller
2nd Runner Up Hannah Grace Stinson
Tiny Miss Pasadena Rodeo Kendra Kay Lozano
1st Runner Up Olivia Kaye Aden
2nd Runner Up Addilyn Webb
Little Miss Pasadena Rodeo Cori Rae Charo
1st Runner Up Elin Vaughan
2nd Runner Up Presley Stone
Petite Miss Pasadena Rodeo Gianna Mata Flores
1st Runner Up Rylie Irwin
2nd Runner Up Kyndall Sadler
Young Miss Pasadena Rodeo Ashlynn Cooper
1st Runner Up Hailey Giana Nunez
2nd Runner Up Makenzi Marie Harmon
Junior Miss Pasadena Rodeo Angelica Maria Martinez
1st Runner Up Isabella Alise Hornsby-Abshier
Teen Miss Pasadena Rodeo Tyler DeRiso
1st Runner Up Kimberly Kinser
2nd Runner Up Ariel Chamberlain
Miss Pasadena Rodeo Taiven DeRiso
1st Runner Up Brooke Hogan
2nd Runner Up Bethany Jean Mills

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