2017 PLSR Livestock Commitment Form

The Livestock Commitment Form must be completed entirely to be considered. Buyer is responsible for processing fees for hogs, lambs and goats. Exhibitor is responsible for processing & delivering rabbits and poultry. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Commitment Type Descriptions   (Please review carefully before making your commitment type selection below)

  • Open Commitment - This commitment is an Open Commitment. I understand an exhibitor will be designated by the Committee on a first come, first served basis. I understand that there is no guarantee of purchase.
  • Student Only Commitment - This Commitment is to be used only for the student named here. I understand that the Commitment process is first come, first serve. I understand that I am not guaranteed to purchase the exhibit of this student. If I do not get to purchase this student’s exhibit, I will not receive an animal at all.
  • Student / Open Commitment - If this student’s exhibit is NOT available and there are other exhibits available, I would like for this to be considered an Open Commitment.

*** Quantities are not valid on Student Only or Student/Open commitment forms ***

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